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Discover the power of SEOLizer, the ultimate SEO tool for web professionals. With access to a huge database of over 514 million domains, SEOLizer delivers unparalleled insights to optimize your online strategy. From precise reverse lookup functions to detailed domain analysis, SEOLizer is the tool that helps you stay one step ahead in the digital world. Sign up now and experience how SEOLizer transforms your SEO efforts!

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Functions of the SEOLizer

The key features at a glance

Giant domain database

With more than 514 million active domains, we operate one of the largest domain databases in the world.

Detailed domain information

We provide detailed information for searches and filters for each domain.

Reverse lookup functions

Not only at IP level, but also IPv6, Google site verification codes, universal analytics properties and many other attributes.

Domain lists

Create private domain lists and group domains according to your needs to keep track of them more quickly.

Keeping an eye on competitors

Keep an eye on your competitors. Get informed about new domain finds or changes.

More visibility

Through systematic analyses & improvements.

Probably the most comprehensive domain database

SEOLizer in figures

SEOLizer searches the web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for new domains, examining and evaluating them. With a SEOLizer account you have access to the data of more than 514 million domains.

514 Mio.




5.3 Mio.

Data protection violations


Projects in support

Who is the SEOLizer interesting for?

The SEOLizer is of interest to anyone who wants to analyze domains, identify correlations, ensure quality in their website projects or simply increase the visibility of their website.

As a website operator, you keep an overview

SEOLizer is the ideal SEO tool for website operators, providing access to comprehensive analyses of over 514 million domains to increase the visibility of your website. With user-friendly functions such as reverse lookup and individual domain lists, you can keep an eye on your competitors and optimize your SEO strategy effectively. Register now and bring your website to the top of the search engines!


Agencies optimize websites & find new leads

Agencies, transform your SEO services with SEOLizer: Gain deep insights into a huge database of over 514 million domains to develop informed strategies for your clients. Use reverse lookup and customized domain lists to identify competitive advantages and efficiently optimize your client portfolios. With SEOLizer you become an SEO powerhouse that takes customer results to a new level!


Delivering 100% quality as a developer

Developers, revolutionize your SEO know-how with SEOLizer: Dive into a world of data with access to over 507 million domains to optimize your projects and applications. Use advanced features like reverse lookup and detailed domain analysis to perfect technical SEO strategies. SEOLizer is your toolbox to analyze and improve websites on a technical level, giving you a decisive edge in the digital landscape.


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